Nordquist Appraisal does provide services to specifically selected Appraisal Management Companies as well as direct lenders and banks. If you are a vendor recruiter or AMC panel manager we are happy to speak with you about joining your panel or for an individual fee quote. Nordquist Appraisal is always looking to build more vendor/client relationships with local and nationwide AMC's and can provide timely services beneficial to all parties. 

Nordquist Appraisal will service the order by

  • Reviewing the order for any issues or complexities
  • Quote a fee that is Customary and Reasonable for the assignment. Customary and Reasonable fees are based on what the local market, other clients and independent fee studies indicate.  (Below market rate or 'low bid' assignments/quote requests will not accepted, if proposed fee is not Customary and Reasonable a counteroffer will be submitted for review)
  • Call, text or email the access contact within 24 hours of receiving and accepting the order
  • Schedule the inspection as soon as possible based on appraiser schedule and access contact availability
  • Complete inspection on time and in a professional manner
  • Notify the AMC of any unusual circumstances or issues after the inspection if any are present
  • Complete the appraisal report adhering to client guidelines and requirements
  • Upload or email report to AMC
  • Review and complete any necessary and reasonable revision requests
  • Make all attempts to complete the report before the order due date

Nordquist Appraisal in most cases will not respond to 'blast' email ordering or requests

Full payment of agreed appraisal fees are expected within 30 days of report submission unless other arrangements are made and agreed upon